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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Classes

Every Sunday 10:30 - 11:45 AM

  • 75 Minute Hatha Yoga (Trauma Sensitive)

Kayla is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, providing trauma-sensitive classes that are taught with compassion and awareness of how trauma impacts the brain-body connection. The mission is to help trauma-survivors, folks with mental health concerns, and those in recovery to heal and find peace in their bodies. As a teacher, Kayla values consent, knowledge, empowerment, and the idea that yoga is for every body.

Yoga Nidra Workshop with Ana

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6.15.24 & 7.20.24


Do you want to meditate but find it "too hard"? Or do you often find yourself wishing Savasana was a little longer? If so, please join Ana for this Yoga Nidra workshop. Yoga Nidra -also known as yogic sleep- is a form of guided relaxation and visualization practice. During this practice, there is nothing required of you but to lie down, be still, and listen.

As we turn inward through the practice, we are able to access the levels of our subconscious mind and plant the seed for our intention. With consistent practice yoga nidra can become a powerful tool for healing and transformation. In this workshop, we will have a brief discussion of the different steps of yoga nidra and their purpose and a few minutes of gentle movement, before diving into a relaxing full practice. 


Please wear comfortable clothes and layers. Love offering $38

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Men's Gratitude Circle

Thursday, 6.27.24


Join us for our first Men’s Gratitude Circle, where we will gather to Breakdown limiting, rigid and dominant views and expectations of masculinity for a more healthy and authentic life. 


This is a safe space to find the balance between our sacred masculine and sacred feminine natures, learn their relationship to each other, and accept them both without shame. A space to learn and practice gratitude in community of supportive men. 


This men's circle is here to provide a compassionate, judgement free, and accepting environment for anyone that chooses to attend. We will start the meeting with introductions, guidelines, and move into a grounding exercise to help us all settle into the container.

Community Sound Bath




I went to my first sound baths last year and the experience was phenomenal. I felt like levitating and had many answers for things that were on my mind at the time. Then I felt into a blissful and peaceful state. 


I knew deep down it’s something I’m here to serve. 


So here I am, with my dear friend @christina_bodeena as we freshly done with our yoga teacher and sound integration training. 


Come join us for this irresistible offer. Please RSVP as space is limited! 


Galaxy Sound Bath

Friday, 6.28.24


A evening of sound healing, energy shifting, light language, and galactic activations 

The earth frequencies continue to rise, as do the frequencies of our bodies. To help us align and acclimate to these frequencies, we can use sound and vibration to clear old energy, expand and infuse us with a light frequency that helps us with clarity, peace, calm, and creativity.


Join @dragon_soul_tribe & @sunshinehealingky as you sit in the vibrational energy, and let it wash over, around and through you while we move the energy patterns and grids to create healing and expansion.


The cost for this sound bath is $30 and you must RSVP to reserve your spot! Bring your blankets, pillows, and dress comfortable! You will be laying down while you enjoy the amazing sounds and vibrations.

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Divine Feminine Women's Circle

Monday, 7.8.24


Our Divine Feminine New Moon Circle is inspired by the Jewish ritual of Rosh Chodesh — women coming together on each new moon to reset, reflect, and connect. The month of Iyar is known as a time of reaching toward heading. This will be a restorative evening steeped in the loving power of community. You’ll end the evening in closer alignment with yourself and your body, as well as the cycles of the moon and the Hebrew calendar. This is a transformative space that can only be created in community!


Together we will:

Reset: Get grounded in the spiritual energy of the month, guided by Brittany Derrenbacher & Ana Paliza-Brown


 Reflect: Gain insight into how the themes of the month are shaping your life and the month ahead.


 Connect: Take time with a small group, an authentic space to be seen and heard with love.


$40 | must RSVP for a spot


Cracked Open

Saturday, 7.27.24


Email for more details!

Group Space Rental

Want to host an event in our space?

You will love our warm and intimate group space located in the heart of Middletown in Louisville Kentucky. We are devoted to creating a safe and conscious community where visionaries, healers, seekers, and creatives can gather to feel, to heal, to connect, to liberate, and to create. 

Past Events

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