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The Healing Collective is a labor of love founded by Brittany Derrenbacher. This vision brings together a group of amazing Women healing professionals collaborating on mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Our licensed and certified practitioners center their work around an intentionally interconnected approach toward collective change for the whole Self. 


The goal of Collective healing is to foster a truly radical environment where clients and practitioners feel accepted, embraced, and empowered. We approach Collective empowerment by creating space, modeling values, and nurturing gifts. Through cultivating these three primary empowerment principles, both client and practitioner begin a powerful journey shining their own light into the world. 

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Meet Our Founder

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Brittany is an empowerment activator who loves to help people claim their joy and shine their light. She is a lover of animals, a sticker enthusiast, and a conduit for discovering our own magic. She founded the Healing Collective to model the belief that every human being deserves to have a team of support so they may feel empowered and capable of creating their dream life. Her self-love affirmation is: “I am, the bubblegum ice cream!” 

Our Values

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We believe in the complete acceptance and inherent value of every human. Everyone is welcome at the Healing Collective for exactly who you are.

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We believe that to build trust, we must first show up as our full authentic selves. We promise to always nurture an environment that allows you to be you.

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We believe in removing the stigmas and barriers that society has placed on mental health by making it as accessible as possible.

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We believe that each person has the right to clear decision-making, freedom in thought and action, and a deep understanding of the life you live.



We believe in collaborative healing that utilizes the strengths of all our practitioners to engage the whole Self. 


A Space to Connect

with the

The Healing Collective Group Space

Whether you want to attend a workshop/event or host one yourself, our gorgeous group space is the perfect blend of comfort and accessibility!

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